With the commitment to reach the sustainable development of the environment and becoming an environmental protection world-class benchmark enterprise, POLOMO complies“ follow rules commitments, strengthens resource application and pollution prevention, controls over risk of environment, deeply roots in the culture of environmental protection, constructs a green supply chain, and fulfils corporate social responsibilities”, a policy to achieve.

POLOMO pays attention to global environmental protection trend, which is viewed as our responsibility. Thus, in addition to full compliance with environmental regulations at the location of operating base, we also take an initiative to take various environmentally friendly actions, and actively lead and assist suppliers to establish a green management system to improve environmental performance.


Stable and Complete Human Structure

40% of employees are female employees; among directors and professionals, most of them are doctorates or masters, and more than ninety percent of employees gain the bachelor degree. We offer high-quality work, on the basis of using the talents and matching people to jobs, and equally treat candidates with different races, gender, age, religion, nationality or political affiliation; and we recruit employees through an open and fair selection process.

Competitive overall compensation

Basic salary + bonus + full attendance bonus + performance bonus + seniority bonuses
 1、After working more than one year, automatically enjoy the length of service bonus 50 ~ 250 yuan; 2、 a generous year-end bonus. 3、Double salaries at year end.

Life-work Balance

POLOMO implements a two-day weekend system, and continues to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of colleagues. Thus employees are having more time to share with their families. POLOMO is committed to providing diversified services, and continuing to make efforts to promote the human network, improve cultural literacy, provide pluralistic facilitated services, and improve welfare policy, in order to enhance colleagues' productivity and morale, maintain quality of family life and promote life balance of colleagues.

Physical and Psychological Health of Staff

Physical and psychological health of colleagues is an important element of work-life balance, and also an indispensable invisible force to enhance the company's productivity. POLOMO continues to create a healthy and happy workplace through pluralistic health care programs, physical-mental health promotion activities, and employee assistance program.

Human Rights

Based on the commitment for employees, POLOMO believes that each employee should be treated fairly and respected; POLOMO also protects internationally recognized human rights, and be committed to the protection and respect for core labor standards in the United Nations Universal Declaration of human rights and the basic convention of international labor organizations.

In 2016, Dongguan "Walk into Dao Jiao" Loving Hiking
In 2014, loving activities in nursing home
In 2012, loving schools in Ankou Elementary School